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Culture and landscape in Alsace

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Explore the Iconic Landmarks of Alsace

Nestled between Switzerland and Germany, Alsace boasts beautiful lakes, Romanesque churches, and majestic mountains. Whether you are meandering down country lanes or driving past Colmar, the scenery is sure to mesmerise you.

On the Alsace Original Experiences tours, discover the enchanting woodland, the Vosges Mountains, the route des Crêtes and undulating hills. These picturesque landscapes would be the perfect backdrop to a souvenir photo.

A scenery that is nothing short of idyllic


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The Castle of Haut Koenigsbourg

If there is one destination you need to visit in Alsace it is the Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg! Sitting on a spur in Orschwiller, the majestic castle overlooks the plains of the Rhine river. Of course there is much more to visit like:

  • The Écomusée of Alsace : the largest living open-air museum in France which shows an Alsatian village and what life was like in rural Alsace
  • The abbey of Murbach
  • Hartmannswillerkopf: memorial of WW1
  • Neuf Brisach : the Citadel is listed as part of the world Heritage by UNESCO. Its parade ground, pure lines, 48 quarters forming a perfect octagon and bastion fortifications.

Despite the countless historic monuments littering the region, the castle of Haut-Koningbourd is an architectural landmark. The tour guides at Alsace Original Experiences would be more than willing to help you fit this spot in your travel itinerary!

Head to the castle for a dramatic scenery of the region


Sightseeing tour Alsace Colmar

Things to do in Alsace

Neuf Brisach
Écomusée of Alsace
La route des crêtes

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