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Christmas Markets in Colmar and around

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Tradition of the Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are an Alsatian tradition and appear at the same time as the beginning of the advent. At first the Christmas markets were only in the big cities, but later they extended to our countryside to bring magic.

Often, they are animated by living cribs and Christmas legends of gnomes and goblins of Alsace who will tell you very discreetly their stories but also the way they prepare Christmas. It is a festive period with beautiful decorations, illuminations but also the decorations of houses made by the habitants themselves that make it a festive place.

Let yourself be carried away by its beauties that make you childish. You will see Santa Claus climbing the walls to reach the fireplace and many other wonders. Call Alsace Original Experiences to book a tour to the Christmas markets!

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What Christmas Markets offer

From brightly decorated towns to live concerts, Christmas weaves its magic all over Alsace! The scents of heated wine and Christmas “bredele” will welcome you and guide you along your journey where you will discover accessories for your Christmas tree, cribs, crafts of all kinds without forgetting the beautiful toys in wood.

Because of the bountiful culinary traditions, there can be over a hundred markets throughout the region during that period. 

With Alsace Original Experiences, visit market squares to try all sorts of sweet treats and buy Alsatian Christmas decorations. Book a tour with us and experience the French art-de-vivre for yourself.

Christmas in Alsace is sure to enchant you and your family


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